Weddings of Downton Abbey
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$144 or $12 ongoing monthly
DVD, Downton Abbey: The Complete Collection -22 DVD discs including 13 hours of bonus material

$144.02 or $12 ongoing monthly
Blu-Ray set, Downton Abbey: The Complete Collection -21 Blu-Ray discs including 13 hours of bonus material

$300 or $25 ongoing monthly
DVD set, Downton Abbey: The Complete Limited Edition Collector’s Set

Downton Abbey pull bell- Set of six coasters

Booklet, The Costumes of Downton Abbey

Hardcover Book, w/ 22 discs featuring all 52 episodes including each season finale Christmas special, and video extras from each season; includes full color photography and quotes

5 hours of new material:-The Story of Downton Abbey-Character Documentaries-Downton Abbey Creators’ Favorite Scenes-Supercuts-Great Houses with Julian Fellowes-The Manners of Downton Abbey & More Manners of Downton Abbey

PLUS:-The Weddings of Downton Abbey 3 DVD set + Booklet-8 complete Downton Abbey episodes plus new bonus footage and a 16-page, full color booklet with weddings-related images


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